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What does Timeless Style Mean to You?

I’ve been pondering over the question ‘What does timeless style mean to me?’ ever since an email from Habitat dropped into my inbox about entering a competition to win one of their beautifully crafted sofas.  I’m not one for entering competitions per se but I am entering this one, not exactly for the chance to win a sofa (which would be a bonus) but to answer the question regarding timeless style.

I like investing in pieces of furniture and furnishings for my home, its taken many years to get our home like it is at the moment.  I’m sure things will change slowly over the course of time because they always do, its just evolution and I’m definitely not one for a quick passing trend or cheap throw away goods.  Quality is key in everything, even when I choose bits from the larger flat packed kind of store, things are bought with a purpose and have to work hard for their place in our home.

I’m not all about designer either, I absolutely love mixing old with new, to me that makes a home timeless, choosing the right piece for the right place.  Even to the point of waiting a long time to find the right thing.  Investing in large pieces such as sofas, chairs, beds, dining tables and such takes a great deal of patience but to create that timeless look patience is paramount.  You want your home to feel like its always been this way.  Choosing the right materials is also something that makes your home timeless.  I wanted to create a natural style for my home, tactile pieces that wear well; scrubbed pine tables, mix and matched chairs, wool covered sofa, antique beds.  Then to build on these focal points add soft furnishings in muted tones using natural elements such as linens and wool, natural fibres such as seagrass and coir for carpets and rugs.  Finishing touches such as ceramics and candles, throws and cushions bring it all together harmoniously.

So this is my take on timeless style but to someone else it can be quite the opposite. That’s the beauty of interiors and the wonderful choice we have in creating our homes that bring us joy every day.

I’d love to know what timeless style means to you?


Images 1~6 my own, 7~9 Habitat,  others 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15


  • This post was written in conjunction with Habitat as an entry into their competition all words and thoughts are my own






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