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Keeping it Simple with Sainsbury’s Home

Now that the weather seems to have received the memo that Summer is here, it’s just one of life’s simple pleasures to spend time outside in the great outdoors, be it in your own back yard or out in the countryside or on the beach.  It’s equally nice to spend the whole day under the big blue sky, eating alfresco, either your breakfast out on the patio or a big picnic feast amongst the sand dunes.

Sometimes it isn’t practical to take all your cutlery, glasses and plates with you. Very nice for special occasions, but other times you need your bags to be lighter to carry and the worry of breakages to your cut glass tumblers or hand made plates to be at a minimum.  This Summer season Sainsbury’s Home have added to their luxury everyday home range making dining alfresco rather stylish and fun.  Faux marble melamine plates and plastic tumblers and wine glasses that look the part, also beautiful weather resistant soft furnishings to laze about on outside all day long.

I know what you are going to say, Jane isn’t this going against the grain with your sustainable views on plastic?   Well yes and no. Firstly it is so very hard to banish plastic from our lives altogether, making small steps in our daily lives is a big start, single use plastics are a big no-no in my eyes but sometimes you have to make compromises.  Having plastic picnic products that can be used time and time again isn’t such a bad thing in my eyes.   Also these items once you no longer want them can be given to charity or recycled responsibly.  To compliment re-using the plates and glasses, use linen napkins rather than disposable ones, bamboo knives and forks are fabulous for days like this and then can be composted or used and kindling for your fire pit.   Make home made treats and salads for the day rather than single use plastic tubs from the supermarket.

Regardless of the plastic glasses and plates, I still think they are rather stylish and would make any dining experience outside in the sunshine a pleasant moment to be had.  There is nothing nicer than creating an area in your own garden for spending time in the fresh air, we have managed to make rooms in our tiny plot that we can sit in and enjoy at different parts of the day.  Just using a little imagination and thrifty planning and you can create fabulous seating areas using old palettes and vintage garden chairs.  A fire pit is a definite bonus for when the sun starts to go down, bring out cosy blankets and throws to keep you warm from the night air before retreating inside.


So however you spend your time outdoors this Summer don’t worry about super efficient at everything, do what you can, when you can but most of all enjoy!

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