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Interiors // Beautiful Brown Palette

I am quite obsessed with the wide ranging colour palette of brown, I know brown sounds rather dull and boring but when you really get looking at all the shades it is such a versatile colour that lends itself perfectly to the current season and ties in nicely with the current trend of bringing nature into your home.  Soft muted tones that bring a sense of calm and well being to your interiors and life.

My bedroom at home has the look I am talking about, soft linens in biscuits shades, natural woods and minimal furniture.  It is my little haven of peace and tranquillity and I can’t see me getting bored of it very soon.  I am always drawn to stores like igigi general store in Hove, they have the magic touch when it comes to this look and if I could live in their store I would.

It’s quite and easy look to recreate in any home, lime based paints give that raw plaster effect for your walls, Bauwerk Colour are a superb choice.  Linens in all their guises are perfect from bedding to curtains, sofas and cushions, its that soft crumpled look that works so well.  Stripped back wood for furnishings and flooring is a must, so tactile and beautiful.  Rattan pieces also bring this look to life, be it a lazy chair filled with natural cushions and throws in soft tones to baskets transformed into light fittings.  Seagrass rugs and runners work very well too, all of these natural materials go hand in hand.

To create a space that evokes memories of a summer holiday, warm natural flooring underfoot, curtains billowing in the breeze, sandy footprints, warm soft textiles to laze upon.  A laid back life that can easily be recreated in your own home, so as soon as you step inside your front door you instantly feel relaxed and calm.

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