Family Time & Rainy Days

This week has been a strange one, I haven’t had the chance to get going again after our time away in the Lakes.  It has come and nearly gone in a bit of blur.  Work has kind of taken a back seat over the last few weeks with one thing and another but I thank my lucky stars that I am in the privileged position that I am in to be able to take the slow weeks over the hectic ones when I can.

Noticing these days and embracing them for what they are, I must confess I am a terrible worrier so some days it can be hard to see all the good stuff.  It may take me longer to stop and enjoy that freshly made coffee, or the warmth of the duvet or my beautiful garden but I get there in the end.  I’ve had one of those worrying weeks I can’t deny it but I am coming out of the other side of it now as I type this and look at the images reminiscing about our days away in beautiful Ullswater, my happy place even though the sun didn’t shine I didn’t care a jot!

The skies may have been brooding and grey and we got soaked to the skin but its still breathtaking, a slice of heaven that I treasure deeply knowing how very lucky I am that I can visit as often as I do.  Maybe one day I will be able to call it home.

The most important thing for me to think about this week is spending time with my family, the ones I love and appreciate the little things that make life happen.  The big things can wait.




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