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Lets Crush About Rugs

I didn’t realise how much I liked rugs until I started looking around my house and nearly every room has one, even my kitchen.  They are so versatile and complete a space perfectly so I thought I’d share some of my favourites and some of the best places to get them.

The versatility in styles, prices, weaves, materials used is vast, so choosing the right one can get a little overwhelming.  My rule of thumb is always get the largest one to fit your space, nothing worse than a measly sized rug, you want it to make a bit of an impact.  If you are going for a rug in your living space make sure that it goes under your furniture rather than being plonked under the coffee table, same goes for bedrooms, have the rug go under the bed but enough space to step out on to in the morning, especially if you don’t have carpet.  I don’t see there being any problem with having a rug under a dining table or in the kitchen either.  I have one that is made from recycled plastic bottles and I can put it in the washing machine to spruce it up every now and again which is brilliant.  I would even have a rug in the bathroom if I could but mine is so small I can’t fit one it but there are some wonderful bath mats you can get now that look like rugs and not something nasty that you had in the 70’s!

When it comes to materials try and be as sustainable as possible, I love hemp or jute rugs so soft and durable but a natural material that is hard wearing and soft under foot.  My favourite rugs of all time are hand crafted Beni Ourain woven by skilled craftsmen in the Atlas mountains, if you can’t get to Marrakesh to haggle for one yourself there are many stores that supply them but also ones that resemble the real thing but don’t break the bank.

I think you can have lots of fun with colour when it come to choosing the perfect rug, you can go a bit mad and add splashes of vibrant colour to your space without it being a permanent fixture.  I much prefer rugs that fitted carpets, all of my upstairs rooms are painted floor boards so having rugs in each room gives each space a different feel, a plain and calming jute rug in my bedroom but a monochrome bold rug in my daughters room for that funky teenager vibe.

Ikea is a perfect place to start when investing in a rug, they have such a wide variety and many are durable and made of recycled materials.  Other stores that are on point with their rug collection are H&M, La Redoute, Rose & Grey and Rockett St GeorgeHunter Jones and Tea & Kate.  If you want a statement piece then I would look at Tate & Darby who specialise in handmade rugs using traditional methods from around the world.

So if you are on the look out for a lush  new rug for your home I hope these gives you a little inspiration to find the perfect one for you.





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