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Restful Sleep with MagicLinen

My favourite room in our home is the bedroom, its a calming space that I am drawn to and like spending time in for the peace and quite that it brings.  I also love sleeping, there is nothing better than climbing in to a freshly made bed especially when its soft linen.  All my bedding and towels for the bathroom are now linen, I have been slowly replacing them all over the past couple of years as its simply the best sustainable organic fabric you can use.

It is wonderful to find brands whose sole purpose is their love of linen MagicLinen being one of them.  They are a family business based in Lithuania, where linen growing, weaving and sewing traditions have roots back to ancient times.  At MagicLinen they care passionately about organic materials, slow living and cherish classic values such as making items by hand rather than mass producing their linens in big factories.  All their products are sewn locally in a small studio and packaged with love and care.

Linen is rather clever. It is made from fibres of the flax plant, is super breathable and it regulates body temperature creating a cool feeling in hot weather and warmth in the winter months.  Linen is also highly absorbent and is hypoallergenic, perfect for those of us with sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.  It really is magic.

As I said earlier my bedroom is peaceful, I like it to be a clutter free calming space for me to feel rested so the colour and feel of my bedding is very important.  I like soft muted colour palettes: greys, off whites and natural oatmeal like this one from MagicLinen that work perfectly in my space.  I can mix and match this one with existing sets that I already own for a more laid back feel, just add different throws and cushions when the mood takes me depending on the season.

Not only do MagicLinen make the softest linen bedding they also produce sumptuous bathing and natural table linens, curtains and clothing all in exquisite colour palettes.  I am totally sold on this wonder material, there is definitely no going back, natural elements will always have a place in my home.


  • with thanks to MagicLinen for gifting the bedding for the purpose of this post




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