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My Bedroom is an Office & Other Interior Design Dilemmas

Writing about this book is rather apt considering it was World Book Day yesterday, fabulous timing I would say.  I have a passion for interior books, beautiful coffee table books and anything to do with design.  I find them therapeutic, wonderful to read and they look good when left out on display.  They are also very useful and you can go back and read them over and over, full of information that can influence and help when it comes to your own home.

This book is no exception My Bedroom is an Office & Other Interior Design Dilemmas by interior stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill is the perfect go-to for all your decorating and interior needs, whether you are renovating, renting or first home owners it has all your worries and potential design disasters covered.

It is beautifully broken down into clear easy to follow advice from the beginners toolkit, to interior design rules which to follow and more importantly which to break, tackling real life decorating dilemmas giving handy tips and tricks along the way.  So no need to panic it has your back, all the questions and potential pit falls for creating that instaworthy home are answered making it so much easier for you to design the right home for you, one that you can be proud of and live in.

All of us inherit dodgy decor, or change our style from vintage to modern and want to rip everything out and start again but sometimes this just isn’t an option due to time and money. This book gives you great advice on where to invest and where to save and how to disguise certain things you really aren’t keen on but can’t afford to change.  It also gives great advice on how to style your space, from positioning furniture to looking after house plants.

Filled with beautiful homes that demonstrate each topic perfectly, from both professionals and keen amateurs it gives you ideas to use in your own home.  I was very lucky to be asked to be in the book and if you find yourself on page 12 you might recognise my bedroom.  This chapter deals with how you can make a bedroom more relaxing.  Great advice on creating a calm sanctuary that aids restful sleep by banishing clutter, choosing a restful colour palette and good quality fabrics such as linen for your bed covers, there is more but you’ll have to read the book to find out.

Its a book that will most certainly have pride of place on my bookshelf, to dip in and out of when I have a decorating dilemma because to be honest we all do, don’t we?



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