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Natural Skin Care // Botanical Body Oils


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my skin most of my life.  I suffered quite badly with acne when I was a teenager right into my twenties. I was always going for doctors advice and using harsh chemical laced creams and tablets which didn’t work but I kept using them in the hope that one day they would.  It made me rather conscious of how I looked and how the world saw me for many, many years.  My skin condition only changed when I had Ruby 14 years ago, I stopped taking and using any medication, I eat healthily, exercise and sleep well and I have started nourishing my skin the same way.  As a younger Mum I just washed and went and now I’m in my 40’s I still don’t wear a lot of make up but I want to protect what I have and luckily for me through the lifestyle that I lead, my skin is now in good health and I want to keep it that way.



Over the last year or so I have fallen in love with using skin oil, at first I wasn’t so sure about putting oil on an already oil prone skin, thinking it would clog up my pores and maybe cause breakouts but how wrong I was!   I use oil every evening after my bath gently massaging it into my face and neck and the results have been rather super.  My skin feels and looks radiant (most of the time) I’m pretty sure it has reduced the odd line and wrinkle too, it feels smooth and soft and no breakouts at all.  Using oil also helps me with my daily well-being routines, I take the time to have a warm bath, slowly apply my oil to my skin and breathe in the delicious scent which helps relaxation and aids better sleep which is a joy.

I have used a couple of different brands but they all do the same job and I can highly recommend them as part of your daily skincare.  One of my favourites is Londe English Rosemary Botanic Body Oil, made from locally grown botanicals, the rosemary and lavender essential oils are blended with rapeseed, camelina, blackcurrent and poppy seed oil to create a light, aromatic, nourishing blend for all skin types.  You can use it on your body too, it is very versatile.

Other oils I have used and love are MOA Aphrodite face oil and of course their Hello Sunshine Energising body oil.  I always have a bottle of La Eva Jasmina oil for its heady scent of jasmine and warming black pepper.  My friend recently bought me a care package for my birthday by Yellow Gorse available from the Future Kept, their almond bath oil is equally wonderful with a delicious note of nutmeg.


It’s nice to have a stock of different oils depending on how your mood is on a particular day, some days you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, others you want to feel calm and nourished others you just want the aromas to take you off to another place.  Each one used for a different sensation but all doing the same job of making your skin the best it can be with no nasty chemicals, just wholesome natural botanicals doing what they are good at.

I’ll definitely be needing their heady scents to calm me over this weekend, my blog is getting a little facelift of its own. Hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be no hiccups but do bear with me if things don’t go as smoothly as planned.  Look out for my post next week featuring a new book that I am in and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think of the new layout when it lands!



  • with thanks to Londe for gifting me the English Rosemary Botanic Body Oil

Images all my own apart from 8 taken from Future Kept


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