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Finding the Perfect Pink

I never thought I would be saying this but I have been seduced by pink, it has subtly crept up on me and I’ve fallen for its charms, the interior world seems to rather like it too.  I’m not saying I’m ditching everything for a bright bubble gum shade, definitely not, what has turned my head are the smoky tones, the dusky shades with an added dollop of brown.

So much so I have started a new decorating project, one that I have put off for many years as its a beast of a space, the hall way, stairs and landing.  Now I can’t say we live in a big house its rather modest and small but the stairwell is all corners and doorways so not any easy task.  Especially when you decide that you want to paint everything in the same colour.  So this week is going to be a shorter post than most as I am elbow deep in paint and want to finish the job as fast as possible so that I can bask in all its beautiful Tea Rose beauty.

I have been inspired by Pinterest of course, creating a dedicated pink board but I found the perfect paint colour via Instagram from Atelier Ellis, its exactly the right shade and so far is looking rather lovely.   I also came across the most fabulous company that supply the most sleekest of light fittings, sockets and handles, if you are going to do a job well why stop at the smaller details.  Dowsing & Reynolds come highly recommended and the new leather handle for the airing cupboard is exactly what I wanted and works perfectly with the colour palette.

So I shall leave you with some rather inspiring images all of the pink persuasion, maybe you’ll get the bug like me and want to get your paint brushes out, wish me luck that I get it all finished by the end of the weekend and I’ll be able to show you the results next week.


Images 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9




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