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Following on from my post last week about slowing down and enjoying the process of self care I took it to another level last weekend.  As I’ve talked about before January can be a bleak month, one that you have to find ways to bring joy, throw in a birthday (mine) and it can sometimes be hard to find the energy to celebrate after all the festivities of Christmas.  So we decided as a family treat to give ourselves an experience and to make my birthday a special one rather than  letting it pass us by.

We adore the Lakes its my spiritual home where I feel at peace, the big skies and imposing hills that make all my cares just melt away.  We have visited Another Place on Ullswater numerous times for drinks but have never been guests so we thought we’d rectify that by staying for the weekend.

Of course we couldn’t be over in the Lakes and not visit Chesters by the River so we headed there for a spot of lunch and a mooch in the stylish store before meandering back along the lake to the hotel.  As soon as you walk in you feel at home, the staff so friendly you never feel out of place.  Our room was stunning and unexpected as we were given a suite which made us giddy with delight, standing at the patio door looking out on to my lake breathing it all in was a moment I will treasure for ever.  The decor of our room and dare I say it the whole hotel is to my taste, beautifully hand crafted furniture, the colour palette muted and warm, nothing ostentatious and fancy but welcoming and homely.

What we were truly looking forward to was relaxing by the pool, swim club is Another Place’s take on a spa but with that relaxed atmosphere that they do so well.  Being able to swim a few lengths then sit on steamer chairs wrapped in fluffy gowns watching the outside from the large glass windows was simply wonderful.  The hot tub outside is a bonus too especially on Sunday morning before breakfast, just me and the birds, bliss.

Ruby and I had a manicure as a girly treat while Robert relaxed in the Living Space as we were being pampered. Such is the relaxed nature of the place we were able to join him later still in our fluffy gowns and have a drink before we got ready for the evening.

The food is outstanding fresh and seasonal; high quality without being over fussy, it was superb. Ruby thoroughly enjoyed the more adult experience. Afterwards we retreated into the Library curled up on one of the comfiest sofas and played draughts, laughing and enjoying ourselves to the point I didn’t want to go to bed!

Next morning I woke early not wanting to miss a moment before we had to check out.  We went straight down to the pool it was empty possibly because it was before 8am but wonderful none the less, to slowly swim watching the sun rise over the hills and lake was something I’m not going to forget in a hurry.  A hearty breakfast was had even making our own waffles which was rather fun.

The staff can’t help you enough and I found it very hard leaving this gem of a hotel, the rather good thing is you can use all the facilities for the rest of the day even after you’ve checked out of the room, time enough to squeeze in  one more swim or game of draughts in the Library!

We weren’t there long enough to make use of all the other fabulous activities the hotel offers but there are a myriad of things to do to make your stay perfect for you.

If only I could stay every weekend alas not but I can create that little bit of retreat magic in my own home, until next time.








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  • Linda pennell

    It looks glorious! Am reading this while staying at Brownber Hall which is very similar but without the spa. Excellent walking for all levels of ambition, including disused railway lime which is FLAT but still has fab views

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