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Slow Fashion // What’s in your Wardrobe?

How do you shop?  Do you buy seasonally or spontaneously? Do you think about what you are buying or just binge buy?  I used to to be the latter, couldn’t resist the next thing had a wardrobe full of clothes and still didn’t have anything to wear.  You can easily succumb to this way of living because there is always something new and shiny being presented to you.   Now I am the complete opposite and goodness has it taken some time to get here but I am happier and more content than I have ever been about myself, the clothes I wear and who I buy from.

I have streamlined everything, from my wardrobe to how we live in general. It was a concious decision, I wasn’t following any self help fads it just felt like the right time to do it, everything fell into alignment at the same time.  When it came to clothes I decided that rather than shaming myself and emptying the wardrobe I’d start with a simple rule: if I bought something new then two things had to go out to the charity.  It has made such a difference I can see what I own, what I like to wear and now if anything needs replacing then that goes out and something new takes its place.  Using this method I now shop seasonally,  I like treating myself to a new outfit each season and Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of year to update what I have.  I tend to wear a lot of dresses, ones that can be dressed up and down for any occasion and that can take you through the seasons by adding knitwear or a slim long sleeved top, versatility is key.

I also shop from a small pool, quite often on line these days, I research quite a lot but know my favourite places to go for the perfect garment.   I like quality, sustainability and integrity, well made thoughtful designs that stand the test of time and last more than one season.  Clothes made from natural materials that are modern classics that also make me feel good when I wear them.  The same goes for what goes under my clothes, underwear is so important.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite brands that I’m rather fond of.


I have shopped at Toast for many years, they suit me and my style down to the ground, beautifully made garments with a genuine passion behind every piece made, they are a joy to wear.  I have my eye on this dress for the coming seasons to add a little colour to my monochrome palette.


I buy all my jumper dresses from Plumo, they are almost a uniform; my comfort blanket clothes, they wash don’t bobble and look good with everything, need I say more.  Plumo work with artisans and designers to create original beautifully crafted designs that are a little more unusual to the high street. Simply perfect for me.


I have followed EastbyEastWest for some time now and I own a beautiful dark blue linen dress that I adore, it is a functional dress that I can wear on any occasion or season and it just works and I love it.   Their new Autumn collection this year is beautiful and I have my eye on one of their knitted dresses in a soft mocha tone, just exquisite.   This is definitely a brand that you invest in, timeless classic pieces that will enhance your wardrobe for years to come.   Owner Sunu designs all the collections herself using natural materials which are not only comfortable but beautiful and can be worn year on year.   They kindly sent me the seed necklace I am wearing with their blue linen dress I bought a few seasons ago.  I love chunky jewellery and this is perfect to pair with my Autumnal knits and dresses, made using coconut seeds all individually hand strung onto cotton ribbon, it is very lightweight but beautifully tactile.


I have become increasingly aware of throw away underwear, why wear something shoddy and ill fitting underneath beautifully sourced clothes.  I have not worn under-wired bras for quite a few years now but I have found it quite difficult finding ones that I like and don’t make me feel older than my years!   Thankfully I found Organic Basics, their ethos stands well with how I want to see the fashion industry go.  ‘Basically better made, consciously created, designed to last’ sustainable organic underwear that looks good. The packing is paper and recyclable, not an inch of plastic to be seen!   If like me you want to give organic underwear a go I highly recommend Organic Basics and as an incentive I have a 15% discount code TEAWITHRUBYXOB15 to offer my readers pretty cool right?

Last but not least I have just invested in a new pair of sneakers, I live in them right through to spring and wanted a new pair to take the strain off my old ones.  I’ve heard many a good thing about Veja so thought I’d try a pair out. Mixing minimalist aesthetics and innovative technologies, Veja are sneakers that are made differently. Fabricated using organic or recycled, fair-trade cotton for the canvas and wild, fair-trade rubber for the soles, what’s not to like.  I bought mine from Second Store a female only online sneaker store focusing on interesting and emerging brands who are totally all about girl power.

There are other places I shop for essentials such as Cos and Hush but that is about it, simple effective brands that don’t undermine the consumer.  It truly is a great to feel good in your own skin and the clothes you have made a conscious decision to wear for their integrity and design.



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  • Barbara Paul

    Thank you for a very interesting set of recommendations. I will definitely look at what these companies offer.
    Like you I have been streamlining my wardrobe. I had my colours redone earlier in the year and the stylist encouraged me to have a good sort through wardrobe. Being a list person I now have a book in which I write down the clothes I buy and most importantly the date I bought them.
    Last year you introduced me to To.ast. I love their style but unfortunately many of their clothes do not suit my 5′ 2″. However, I did invest in one of their coats and received a 15% discount, which was definitely worth having. It is a coat I will wear for many years.
    I am a great fan of Poetry for their clothes in natural fibres.

    • Jane

      You are definitely on the right track Barbara, glad you found Toast I’m sure some of their designs will suit your coat will last many a year as do all their clothes x

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