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One Dark Wall

I’m not going to tell you how to decorate with dark paint, just a simple post embracing the darker shades just because I love them.

I lean towards dark walls in my home, even to the point of painting wall and ceiling the same colour which gives a wonderful cocooning effect, if you have decent windows natural light bounces off the surfaces without making the room feel claustrophobic.

I think its a total myth that dark walls make a room feel small, it has the opposite effect in my house.  I’m not suggesting to paint every surface black by any means. A balance of light and shade is good, such as painting an entrance hall in a dark hue revealing a bright living space. It definitely draws the eye.

Places to get inspiration for going over to the dark side are Abigail Ahern and Rockett St George. They both use dark elements to amazing effect and show you how it can be done well.

Some of the best paint brands do exquisite dark tones, Cassandra Ellis new paint range is delicious with names like Bitter Chocolate and Ink.  My old favourites Farrow & Ball who I have used extensively throughout my home, the latest dark colour I have used is Blue Black which is deliciously inky.  Bauwerk Colour do some wonderfully rich shades with their unique limewash paint also I can’t forget Little Greene and their deep colour choices.

So my advice is if you are thinking about dark paint and are a little reluctant, don’t be; give it a go and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Start small and maybe paint one wall at first but I know once you start you won’t be able to stop.   Another thing to remember is it’s only paint; if you really don’t like it then get the brushes out and change it.

If you need a little more inspiration come and follow my dark pinterest board, so many ideas all in one place.

Now what can I paint next, I’ve got my eye on Off Black and maybe some more dark tiles for our bathroom when we get around to changing it!


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  • A Welsh Mama

    I have recently fallen in love with dark colours having previously not considered them. I was lucky enough to have the very talented Tamsin at No 8 Project create a room in my home recently and she used Toad from Little Greene Paint Company, it is divine and now It’s the only room I want to use! There are some photos on my Instagram and @no8project. Love your blog as always. X Clare

    • Jane

      Hello Clare

      Wow you are a lucky girl having No 8 Project design a room for you, Tamsin is one talented lady, I swoon at all her interior projects. Is that yours with the amazing art work, blimey oh riley I absolutely adore it! Jx

    • Jane

      Thank you, not all the images are of my home but 1, 4, 5 & 6 are. The others are linked at the bottom of the post. I just love dark walls.

      • dadphotographer

        I agree. These are great. That black reminds me of a color called pepper corn, its very nice. We live in a mid century home in Colorado and have used very similar colors to a few of these shown. The black, blue and gray. Thanks for sharing these. It made me feel good to see other people using dark colors on their walls instead of white. We are not the only dark and moody people out there. 🙂

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