A Week In Pictures

I thought rather than me ramble on this week I shall just let you see why I adore the Lake District so very much.  I think I have said a million times that I leave a little part of my soul there when I leave and this time was no different.

I had time to stop and breathe in the cool air and mind blowing vistas, spent precious hours with my family enjoying each others company without laptops or mobile phones.  I indulged in books when it got too dark outside to see the view of the lake.  We huddled in coffee shops out of the rain, ran along windswept beaches, got wet under waterfalls, kicked autumn leaves in the forest and didn’t want to come home.

What are half term holidays for but a bit of down time away from what you are used to, I have a few more days to hold onto this magic.



  • Witchmountain

    Beautiful photos and I’m glad you visited some of my favourite places…isn’t Allan Bank a gem? I like to take a sketchbook and flask there to sit in the potting shed and pretend it’s my garden! I think the drizzle makes your photos all the more atmospheric ( although today it is a stunning blue and gold day) x

  • Toko Wallpaper Tangerang

    The natural scenery is very interesting and worth to enjoy … cool atmosphere remembered back as childhood is still in the countryside first …. this is the best inspiration. Congratulations and success are always friends

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