AW17 // Early Autumn with TOAST

I’m never quite ready to let go of Summer but alas I must but there with an ever helpful hand are TOAST, gently guiding me into quite frankly one of my favourite seasons.  Once I have embraced the shift I like nothing more than adding new pieces to my capsule wardrobe keeping it fresh but seasonal.

When the TOAST brochure lands on my door mat I always know that I’m in for a treat and yes I want everything, from the dresses right down to the pillowcases.  It is sheer bliss taking a moment to savour each page, read the beautiful articulate articles scattered between images that make you feel calm and restful.  Making a simple choice to add to your collection is worth every second.  If I had to choose just one shop to purchase from and no other then TOAST would be it.

I’m very much a layer up kind of girl, I’m most comfortable in dresses but ones that I can put soft long sleeved tops underneath when the days get chillier.  Two of my favourites for this season are the diamond dot print dress, such an elegant piece that makes you feel all floaty and the denim twill tunic dress in all it’s indigo dyed glory the perfect everyday never want to take off dress.

If you are lucky enough to live near a TOAST store I highly recommend a visit, their serene spaces and wonderful staff make a shopping trip an easy one.  Each store has it’s own unique twist like visiting some ones home you come away feeling relaxed, not at all stressed.  I visited the Oxford store a few weeks ago to see the new Early Autumn collection, I especially loved the upstairs house & home section that just drew you in with subtle a subtle colour palette and textures.  Of course I couldn’t resist the Pip Hartle pottery and treated myself to a pencil pot that has found a new home on my bedside table.

I think I would be quite lost if I didn’t have TOAST, it’s like an old friend that greets you with open arms even if you haven’t seen them for a while.  Their ability to create and curate simple, functional, beautiful product and content fills me with joy and make everything all right in the world, I hope you agree?

J x

  • with thanks to TOAST for providing the diamond dot dress and images from the AW17 collection




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