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There is nothing nicer than getting into a freshly made bed, the only thing that can top this is if it’s brand spanking new bedding.  Soft to the touch, cocooning, dream inducing slumber under relaxed cotton.   I think I like being in my bed longer than most, I can’t wait for weekends to arrive so that coffee and books are devoured there, all cosy and comfy wrapped in layers of duvet, pillows and blankets.

I like creating different moods in our bedroom too especially at this time of year.  Mixing it up a little, pairing darker colours and layers to suit these cold winters days.  The light is diffused as our room faces east, we get the morning sun but in the afternoon is takes on a cooler hue so darker bedding makes it feel more snug than bright white at this time of the year.

Of late I have become a linen convert,  I simply like the laid back texture of it, the warmth it brings when cold and the cooling nature of it’s natural fibres when it is warm.  So when Soak & Sleep asked me to try their new range of relaxed cotton bedding I was intrigued to see if this bedding feels and looks like it’s sophisticated cousin linen.

Well I am not disappointed, this pre washed cotton takes on a super soft and relaxed feel just like linen, it’s pure crumpled heaven and I love it.  To give it that contemporary edge I have used contrasting colours of a dark grey duvet cover adding midnight blue for the fitted sheet and two of the pillows giving the bedding more depth.  The range also comes in lilac heather a beautiful rich colour that works perfectly with both the grey and blue.

Another bonus is that it washes very well and looks better for not being ironed, perfect if you want that slightly crumpled look that works so well when layered up with blankets and throws, embrace the imperfections and relax in this exquisite bedding.

I’m going to be hard pressed to take it off now, weekends are going to be even more cosy than before, I think I might need to get another set to compensate, I am totally converted and the price for a set is very amenable indeed, thank you Soak & Sleep.



  • Flora

    Oh what lovely bedding! I love the colours you’ve chosen – particularly the midnight blue – and like it even more for the fact you say it’s better un-ironed. Life’s a bit short to attempt to iron a duvet cover, isn’t it?

    Where is your bed frame from, if you don’t mind me asking, please? 🙂


    • Jane

      Hi Flora, the bedding is so soft and warm, it really is the best alternative to linen. The dark colour combination really works at this time of year to create a cocooning effect. Life is definitely too short for lots of ironing, you only scrunch bedding up anyway, it looks better that way!

      Ah our bed, it was an ebay find a few years ago, it’s early 1900’s and French, it was an absolutely steal so worth looking to see if there are any on there at the moment.

      Jane x

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