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The Simple Tap

January is a bit of a dark winter month, a little bit far away from spring to really start feeling the change of season.  The benefit that January has is being able to plan, as the evenings are dark there is nothing nicer than setting your goals for the year be it personal ones or impending home improvements.

Being able to happily make mood boards of how you want your new space to look, creating pull out lists of beautiful materials, fixtures and fittings.  Then finding the equivalent high end design at the fraction of the cost is even more exhilarating.

I’m not in need of renovating my kitchen at home at the moment as it works well, its functional and serves our needs.  The design fits our home but if I were to have the urge to change and replace I think it would definitely err towards sleek and minimal, clean lines and everything in it’s place.   With this kind of design you need to really consider the position of your sink and kitchen taps.   Symmetry, unfussy and modern,  nothing too ostentatious or country cottage, simple designs that look like a piece of well considered furniture.

Brushed steel, chrome, matt black, copper, slubby gold all of these finishes would work perfectly in a pared back scheme. Where sleek cabinetry blends into the background by using a subtle colour palette, letting the taps take centre stage.

Practicality is always a good thing, having a swish tap that looks good but doesn’t work so well is a bit of a disaster.  Choosing a tap that has a pull out spray head that is hidden when not in use is a perfect example such as these Hansgrohe taps.  Single lever mixer taps work beautifully, the design of Grohe taps are elegant with no fuss. A perfect extravagance would to maybe invest in a  boiling water tap so there is no need to have a kettle on display for instance.

If you like the streamlined look and are planning on a kitchen makeover take a look at my pinterest page dedicated to well designed spaces.

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  • This post was written in collaboration with Superbath


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