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Double Merrick // Eclipse Solaire

Double Merrick has been on my radar for a while now.  A contemporary take on screen printing, I love the vibe of Merrick’s work, the simplicity with a nod to pop art, the striking graphical images.  The pared back nature of the prints speaks volumes from the moon and sun to pencils and watches.  French slogans and holiday destinations with a feel of another era but also certainly  very current right now.
malalune Not only is Merrick very talented he enviably lives in France in the most wonderful house where he draws inspiration from his surroundings.  I asked Merrick how he ended up living in rural France, what inspires him and of course what his favourite room in the house is.  He kindly agreed, here is what he said….
“Thirteen years ago I accidentally moved to France. Because that what happens when you meet a pretty girl and you take your eye off the ball for a nano second – You end up in a forgotten corner of France, that was only really known for it’s Communism and ability to blow up Nazis in WW2. You find out you are the only man in your village who is a) English b) under 55 c) over 5ft 9.
After a while the whole fish out of water vibe begins to wane and I realise this area has amazing things lurking at every turn: old posters, books, signage. It all ferments and I realise I want to share this grubby pop art aesthetic with the world – Double Merrick is born!
Our house was built in 1799 and we moved in January 2003, with no hot water and one plug for the whole house. The house by necessity has been an organic process – we were young fools who had very little money and even less of a clue about what they were taking on. But bit by bit we got there, doing most of the work ourselves and furnishing the place with Brocante finds.
If I’m put on the spot I’d have to say my favourite room of our house is the back yard. It’s a beautifully quiet place, private, filled with flowers, and a day bed. It’s just a lovely little spot to eat with the family or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee”
 You can find Double Merrick products in many influential stores such as Liberty, Selfridges, Pedlars and Urban Outfitters but also his own online store which is a joy to browse and of course lust after as I want it all!

Merrick generously sent me one of the Eclipse Solaire prints, it is now a prized possession. The circle created by the moon covering the sun is quite a powerful image with great meaning and as you all know my connections with circles I thought it a perfect addition.


  • this post was written in collaboration with Double Merrick


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