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Bedside Matters

There is something lovely about curling up under the sheets with a cup of tea and a good book.  Even better if your book is bathed in a soft glow, not too harsh but gentle enough to light the room while aiding relaxation.

I like the contrast of these industrial table lamps against my antique French bed.  Mixing things up a bit by putting contrasting things together refreshes a space and I think these work very well.  The cool marble stand with the added touch of copper against the grey walls, pale bedding and grain sack cushion unites the paired back scheme perfectly.

The fabulous MiniSun filament bulb is a revelation, not only is it one of the first LED bulbs to replicate that of an Edison style filament but is ultra energy saving only using 3W.  It gives off a warm ambient glow that is perfect for a bedroom.

With thanks to Iconic Lights for making my favourite room in the house even more hard to leave than it already was.



  • Nicky

    Love those vintage style lightbulbs & it looks perfect in your industrial style lamp. I recently changed my main light bulb from a harsh one to something softer & it does make the world of difference.

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