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Please let me introduce to you & MEAD a beautifully curated new on line store run by a very dear friend of mine Susannah Mead.  It takes courage and conviction to go it alone in the world of on line retail but I think that this lifestyle atelier has got the balance of product and lightness of touch just right.

The store is set out in specific rooms, each space designed to bring each room of your home a new sense of style. Pieces that you just can’t resist from smaller items such as utilitarian enamelware to luxurious hand made, loving sourced table linens and exquisite silk shawls hand dyed and block printed with finesse.

Susannah wanted to bring the essence of our coast line to the fore. She’s passionate about the North East Coast the sea and all it’s elements play a big part in how the shop feels.  She also wanted to showcase the delights of artisans meticulously and passionately creating each of their pieces with care and attention.

In Susannah’s words “&Mead simply put is me – a collaboration of the practical necessity, vintage provenance and most of all the childlike whimsy and fanciful dreaming we all deserve.”


I am very careful now about what I buy for my home, I have de-cluttered and pared back over the last few months.  My  goal is to source well made pieces for my home that I will cherish for a very long time and everything in curated rooms of &MEAD have exactly that ethos behind each item.  I treated myself to a lovely versatile zinc pot to hold a gifted succulent but it’s uses in the years to come are many.

I do hope you go and browse this lovely store, I promise you, you will not be disappointed and hopefully will purchase an heirloom for the future.



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