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Summer Breeze

After a difficult week and a head full of lacklustre I have found it hard to even open the laptop to write, share, connect at all. Even the weather hasn’t played ball.

I’m sitting writing this with Wimbledon on in the background, a summer staple that takes my mind away to other places for a while.  Whilst trying to find words for my post I keep looking out of the open patio door at my washing blowing in the breeze, a sight I do enjoy immensely, even more so when the rain has been more of a permanent fixture of late than sunshine.

Anyway I digress, this brings me onto why I’m waffling on about our summer weather and washing, The Linen Works kindly sent some of their newly launched washing range to try.  I am all for sustainability and try very hard to make a conscious effort to use the right cleaning products in my home that are environmentally friendly and naturally sourced.


linen laundry bag white duck egg dot stamped

Our range has been meticulously developed using ethically safe ingredients that are both kind to the skin and environmentally responsible. Delicately fragranced with essential oils with notes of Bergamot infused with meadow flowers, vanilla and patchouli.

Made in the UK with naturally derived raw materials, effective, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Does not contain chlorine, optical brighteners, synthetic perfumes or phosphates.”

The Linen Works laundry collection is not only packaged with flair but also works beautifully well, the fragrance is delicate and the end result is a laundry basket full of soft clean washing.  I do rather like ironing too I’m not sure I should admit to that!   Using linen water is quite a luxury but oh my the iron glided over my linen with ease.


arles tea towels charcoal raspberry navy hook[1]

There is nothing like climbing into a freshly made bed on an evening and after using this lovely range of laundry products it made it even more pleasurable and aided restful sleep.


*  With thanks to The Linen Works for supplying the Laundry Products and the use of images 5, 6, 8 & 9




  • A Home Bird

    Love The Linen Works! But I am still trying to get over the fact you just admitted to liking ironing! Lol! Maybe I should buy these products just to see if it ignites a love of ironing in me too 😉

    • Jane

      I know I know so very sad indeed, I find it therapeutic and I like neat piles of ironed clothes when I’ve finished, even more sad !!!

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