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The Sun Shone on Ripley

Ripley is a small country village on the outskirts of Harrogate in Yorkshire but to me Ripley means Arthur Swallows Decorative Home and Salvage Show.  I love it when May comes around, the anticipation of walking through the gates, colourful flags and bunting swaying in the breeze, canvas arcades packed to the rafters with beautifully styled wares.  The excitement builds, wondering who I will see and what treasure I will find and last weekend was no exception.

The traders were of a very high standard this year, businesses that hone their craft superbly well, whose stands are a pleasure to browse around and to forge new friendships with.  Chris Holmes is always a joy to visit such a knowledgeable man, if only I had the space for an antique wooden fairground unicorn!

When it comes to buying I have an eye for certain items, a certain look that I know when I’ve found the perfect piece. Once home it blends into my interior perfectly, so I make a bee line for specific traders I know will have those items on my required list.  Lucy from Lucy Vintage Lifestyle has the best brocante stock around, P.C. Pirates specialise in reclaimed vintage and industrial furniture, Millington & Hope well I just wanted everything.  I made friends with new traders this year especially Monkey and Bird, their display was exquisite with a touch of quirky that I love so very much. It was also wonderful to find that Gaille Skinner came to Ripley, her linen is out of this world, my last purchase from her has now been fashioned into a Roman blind in my newly decorated kitchen.

Along with sumptuous linen, a perfectly chippy foxed glazed French mirror was sourced and an antique dough trough (I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sized one for years) so the finishing touches to my space are now complete.

If you missed this fair not to worry for the first time this year Arthur Swallows will be holding another Decorative Home and Salvage fair at Ripley this coming September from the 9th ~11th one to definitely add to the must do list.




    • Jane

      Janice it’s the most wonderful show! Do you like my new mirror? I’ve been doing some work for the organisers and will soon have a piece published in a national magazine so all good. Next time you are over I’ll have to take you bring an empty suitcase to fill up. Love Jx

  • Nicky

    Omg! That looks like heaven on earth. So many beautiful things! Now how long does it take to get from North Wales to Ripley I wonder……….?!!

    • Jane

      It is heavenly my favourite weekend! I would say about 6 hours easy peasey! They do other events that may be closer to you Nicky they are all listed on the Arthur Swallows website. Jx

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