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I have just redecorated my kitchen.  It was the perfect time to make a few changes as over the years your tastes do change.  I’ve amassed rather a lot of stuff in the last decade and I’m now coming through the other side and decluttering (a lot!)  I’m not a minimalist but I wanted things to be neater and more streamlined to compliment the stunning colour by Farrow & Ball that we chose to adorn the walls and ceiling.

I do like displaying items that are useful and get used on a daily basis, I thought that these wire pigeon holes fitted the bill perfectly.  They aren’t too heavy but compliment the wall colour but let light flow through them so don’t restrict the space.  I’ve had them stashed in my garage for a year now knowing that I would find a good home for them one day.  I bought them from the ever so wonderful Millington & Hope I can never resist a purchase or two when I see them at Ripley (which is taking place this weekend).

I think storage is essential in any home especially the kitchen but why hide it all away, it’s nice to see your every day pieces displayed on open shelves.  It’s also good to think beyond the normal bog standard fitted kitchen set up, be imaginative with materials to create a unique not from the high street look to make your space truly individual.

From apple crates to old railway carriage shelves, scaffolding planks to armoires the world is your oyster as they say. Don’t go for the conventional, think outside the box and enjoy the space you live in. If you need more inspiration go take a look at my pinboard that focuses on individual ideas.


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    • Jane

      Thank you ever so much Nicky that made me smile this morning. I really do love my newly decorated kitchen, it’s the room I spend most of my day in and I love it’s new grey makeover. x

  • Rosie Needham-Smith

    Hi Jane,

    Look these new images of your kitchen.

    Did you get any images with the Parkwood Pottery stoneware mugs in?

    Kind regards,


    Rosie Needham-Smith PR & Marketing Coordinator

    Magazine: Twitter: @lanebypost Facebook: /lanebypost Instagram: @lanebypost Pinterest: lanebypost


    • Jane

      Thank you Rosie,

      Not taken any with the mugs in yet. There is one of the mugs on instagram from a few days ago it’s me having coffee if that ones ok. Jx

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