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Form & Function


Form and Function is most certainly what my post is about today.  When Form Studio got in touch with me showcasing this wonderful sinuous building I couldn’t help be intrigued.  I am fascinated at the moment with clean lines and modern functional builds, I have a specific pinterest board dedicated to the subject here.  Building up a portfolio of inspiring images and architecture for the day we finally take the plunge and dive into the world of self building.

©Bruce_Hemming__MG_7655 Panorama


The Flatiron House in London has been described as a staircase with rooms attached and you can totally see why. Occupying a small triangular footprint means that there is only one room occupying each floor, five in total that brings you out onto a stunning roof terrace.  The signature staircase with it’s white acrylic balustrade is the star of the show, giving a sense of space and unity falling through the floors like a ribbon from the glass roof to the basement.




The Flatiron is an inspirational piece of modern design in the current world we live in where space is at a premium.  That is what intrigues my husband and I about self building, being able to create a contemporary open plan home that is efficient to run, beautiful to look at and have the right amount of space and light for our family to live healthily and happily.

Another great feature in the Flatiron house is the brightness of the white staircase and rooms with the added touch of softness throughout represented in the honed wooden flooring and walls which unifies the space perfectly.  I’m a tactile person and I know living in a white box isn’t for everyone but if you add texture with elements such as polished concrete and  plywood boards it makes the space far more warm and inviting.  You just need a little imagination to think outside the box and I wish with all my heart that the volume house building industry took a little risk and looked at some of the superb ecological and diverse architecture available to create better homes rather than boring unimaginative wasteful houses that seem to go up at a rate of knots.

Now to carry on dreaming of the day we find the perfect plot so I too can have a staircase like the one in the Flatiron.


Image 1 – 6 provided by Form Studio.  Links to all other inspirational images 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15.

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