Styling the Seasons ~ Easter

Since my February post the weeks have flown, it was the school holidays when I posted my last Style The Seasons and today it will be the holidays again!

As I type this it doesn’t feel very Spring like all a bit cold and grey which is a tad disappointing as I so want the sun to be shining for the Easter break.  We have enjoyed some warmer days over the last few weeks, ones that make you feel bright and able to tackle those jobs around the house and garden that you’ve put off over the Winter months.   I did make a start on clearing the debris from our flower beds, mulching the borders and getting excited about the new shoots appearing from their slumber.   Colour is starting to appear in the form of the hellebores, tête à têtes, comfrey and tiny flowers starting to attract the bees to the rosemary so all is as it should be.

I went out and snipped a few stems,  I wanted to make a delicate Spring display to celebrate Easter and with today being Good Friday it will make a wonderful table centre piece for our celebratory lunch.  Placing each stem in different height bottles stood in an enamel tray makes it a simple versatile display that can be moved around for maximum impact.

I do love Spring and especially the Easter break, we always go foraging for branches of blossom to hang blown glass eggs from, it takes centre stage in our living room and will soon be joined by many a chocolate egg to savour.

I hope the sun decides to put on a splendid show over the next few weeks and that you all have a wonderful Easter.


To take part in Styling the Seasons all you  need to do is style a space, shelf, table the list is endless showing what the current month means to you and tag Katie from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots.

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  • katy615

    This is the perfect posy of flowers and they look so wonderful together and paired with the white chair and enamel. Hope it’s been a good month for you, Jane. Beautiful xx

  • Cousin Janice

    Hey…just lovely…serene and simple.

    Hope you all had a lovely Easter break? The sun put on a lovely show for us down here in Oz. Makes a change from a usually soggy Easter. Keep up the lovely work. xx

    • Jane

      Thank you Janice, I’m trying very hard at the moment to simplify things. We’ve had a super Easter and this weekend we are going for a little jaunt in our caravan to blow those old cobwebs away.

      The sun always shines in Oz doesn’t it : )

      Jane x

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