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A Spring Shelfie with Wayfair

Last month I wrote a post for Wayfair, their brief was to create a Spring Shelfie but of course I took it that little bit further.

At home I don’t really have a desk, I work at the kitchen table through the winter months as it’s warm snuggled near to the radiator and not far from the coffee machine.  As the months change from those darker days into the light filled days of Spring I thought I would create myself a makeshift work space in the front bedroom.  Everything I need to hand for a productive days work but all of the items dual purpose and dismantle-able for when the colder days come and I retreat back to the kitchen table and warming radiator.

The basic elements of my moveable desk space are a metal camping table and a chair that I already have in my bedroom, the shelving created by re purposing an old stool and metal pigeon holes so everything is at hand.

I like to be comfortable when sitting for hours on end working on projects so a good back support is needed, rather than just a cushion I have used a pillow with a contrasting grey pillow case, stylish enough when at my desk but equally lovely on my bed paired with soft pink linen bedsheets.

It’s great to use every day items such as cork trivets as pin boards, simple but so effective and when not in use can be put back on the kitchen table for placing a hot pan of delicious food for your evening meal. Glass tumblers are also great for storage, keeping all those little things together like paper clips, washi tape pens and pencils, this lovely chunky glass ware will get used on our holidays in the summer months filled with refreshing beverages when we go travelling in the caravan.

One of the things I love to do is create tear sheets, I go through my interior magazines when the piles get too high and cut out my favourite spaces or styled interiors to keep as a reference, a simple way to create a visual board is by using a glass frame which you can update and change when you feel like it.  These frames are also very versatile they look wonderful displaying botanical prints to pressed flowers.

I can never be without a vase of fresh flowers, be it a jam jar filled with herbs or a big display full of blooms.  I’m rather obsessed with ceramics at the moment so this super two toned pot hits the spot, it can be used as a vase for a beautiful spring display or planted up with a stunning house plant.  It would also make a statement empty; grouped with other ceramics of different shapes but in similar colour ways.

I think I’m going to be quite happy and hopefully productive at my makeshift desk and will enjoy my bright and breezy space until the days shorten and I’ll retreat back to my warm kitchen table spot.








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