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To Illuminate

I think you all know by now that I have a thing for bare bulbs.  I am slowly going around the house changing my light fittings.   I really love the simplicity of a bulb at the end of a simple cord rather than anything over the top.  They bring a dash of contemporary to a scheme and work in every room.

This superb silicone pendant from Iconic Lights is perfect, it comes in many colour ways but I chose grey to blend in perfectly with the decor in my lounge.   We hardly used the main room light before but now things have changed.  The ambient glow from the cage bulb is very subtle and as it hangs lower over a foot stool it creates a perfect atmosphere, rather than the stark light we had previously.

These versatile light fittings would look perfect as bedside lights instead of lamps, hanging low either side of the bed would bring a sleek look to your sleeping space.   They would create a super feature over a dining table or in an eating space in the kitchen too.

I simply can’t get enough, now which room will get the bare bulb treatment I wonder!



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