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Salvage Love ~ Linen Wood Glass

That excited feeling is starting to build, as Spring approaches it’s time to go out salvage hunting again.  As soon as Easter is here I make a trip to Lincoln to the Arthur Swallows Fair Antiques & Home Show, it’s a large affair with many dealers from far and wide.  It’s the perfect place to pick up all the wonderful things I like to replenish my home and the Owen and Hunter shelves with.

I go with an open mind on what I want to buy but I always seem to come away with items I can’t walk past: piles of beautiful French and Hungarian linens, old worn wood from bread boards to garden sieves, glass pickling jars are a weakness of mine and don’t get me started on enamel ware that can fill a post all by itself.

In the winter months I like having a good clear out, remove things that don’t fit in my scheme any more, to make room for new items that are cohesive and unique.  Shopping at any Arthur Swallows fair is a joy.  Stumbling across that one item that will lift your space knowing that you won’t be able to find it anywhere else makes me smile and also gives me a buzz when purchasing it.

I’m definitely leaning towards the less is more look at the moment, a pared back style with wonderful earthly colours and tactile items so my top three buys fit perfectly.   Linen is a perfect medium, I couldn’t be without it, from making curtains, throws on sofas, beds and table tops.  It dyes beautifully too, as I found out a few weeks ago when dying a French bed sheet, it came out the most perfect grey and is going to be turned into a roman blind for my kitchen.

I have recently hung an old garden sieve on the wall as a piece of art it looks stark and interesting, to make a bigger impact group a few together for a cohesive look.

Then the glass jar obsession, I simply adore them, they look wonderful placed by themselves but work equally well as storage jars,  or displaying simple stems.  Fill them with fairy lights for a unique light instillation, I did this over the Christmas period and loved it so much it’s still in my living room!

So the days are being ticked off for my visit to Lincoln, my excitement also builds for May and the anticipation of Ripley Decorative Home & Salvage Show.   This one I highly recommend as an overall superb weekend and if you are lucky the sun will shine on that one item that you simply can’t resist to take home.






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    • Jane

      Wow cross stitch on an old sieve would really be a piece of artwork. Good luck at finding one. You would definitely love the Arthur Swallows Fairs full of wonderful stuff that you just can’t resist, one day maybe you could visit. x

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