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New Inspirational Palette

I was most excited when the new Farrow & Ball colour card landed on my doormat.  As I poured over the brochure, taking in each beautifully styled room bringing the colours alive, I couldn’t help be impressed with the level of detail that goes into the choice of colours.  They blend so well with the existing colours it’s hard to tell that they haven’t always been there.

Farrow & Ball are my go to company when I redecorate a room in my home. Their subtlety of shades from the soft neutrals to strong rich tones work in both a modern and traditional setting.   There most certainly is a colour for everyone and I can’t wait to use one of the 9 new shades available.

Please let me introduce each colour to you now. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist when you get lost in their stories….

Shadow White takes its name from the soft tone that you get when white is used in a shady area.

Drop Cloth is what it says on the tin, a traditional name used for the dust sheet that every decorator uses to protect floors and furniture.

Salon Drab, salon being a small outer room off a drawing room and drab meaning a colour lacking in brightness.

Worsted the flat woven fabric used for gentleman’s suits which was named after the village in Norfolk where the yarn was originally produced.

Cromarty a term used daily in The Shipping Forecast for the sea mist that rolls and swirls in the Cromarty Firth estuary.

Peignor a softly romantic grey pink taking it’s inspiration from days gone by when ladies wore chiffon gowns.

Yeabridge Green this fresh colour was originally found in a 18th century Georgian Hamstone farmhouse in Yeabridge, Somerset, behind a gun cupboard still shining bright like fresh grass.

Vardo takes it names from the traditional horse drawn gypsy wagons that would have originally been painted this tone of teal with bright vibrant reds.

Inchyra Blue this traditional colour was first used in Scotland on the barn doors at Inchyra House a classic Georgian property which sits at the bottom of a grey and imposing hill so the barn doors needed to make an impact within their surroundings.

I know last week I claimed Ammonite was the colour of choice for my kitchen revamp but I can now officially declare I have changed my allegiance: Worsted is now the colour, so fickle!










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  • Anne

    I agree 100%. For Christmas a few years ago, one of my favourite presents was a Farrow & Ball fan deck. I look at it, tag it and definitely use it. I have my own F&B page on my Pinterest and just last week painted one of our washrooms ‘Lamp Room Gray’. That makes seventeen times I have used F&B paint inside and outside my house. The paint itself is also a joy to use. Yes, I am in love with a paint company.

    • Jane

      So I’m not the only one Anne!! My bedroom is in lamp room grey, walls an ceiling and it wraps itself around you like a lovely linen sheet. I doubt I’ll ever swap allegiance. Jx

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