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Yes I am currently slightly obsessed with all things monochrome but deeply in love with grey even down to it being the colour of choice for my own hair. This book is superb it channels and inspires the beauty of the subtle palette that seems to be dominating my thoughts at the moment.  This is, bible-like, sitting by my bed for me to have my fix when I’m feeling a little off course; it brings with it calm and serenity.

At the weekend I dyed a lovely linen sheet grey and it is now the starting point to a room refresh.  Our kitchen is green and even though I like it, it’s looking a little tired so it’s the next space to be repainted in the spring.  We are having a new back door installed so I thought while that is happening why not paint the walls too and update the blind at the same time and I can’t wait.  I’m going for a fresh look so the cooler side of the grey spectrum is my choice for the walls, I’m thinking Ammonite by Farrow & Ball, with a darker grey linen blind.  I’m hoping that the colours will unite perfectly and give the space a cohesive look.

The beautiful tones of this muted shade are creeping through my home unifying it as one space, from blankets to bedrooms, it’s simplicity shines out.  If like me you have a need for all things grey, a perfect place to visit is S2 20.  This stunning on-line store is streamlined to perfection, the collections are at their monochrome best, simple items for your home that will bring that touch of modernity and cool.

S2 20

Images via S2 20

Pale & Interesting

Images here

If this post resonates with a yearning for a change in you, come and be inspired with my pinterest board pale & interesting which is full to brimming with the pared back style and lots and lots of grey!






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