Winter Mood

Friday Musings-079

The light and mood of the beginning of the year always seems bleak and a bit dark, I find myself struggling with it, always have.  I’ve found it rather hard to get going this week, an empty diary a birthday passed and the death of two geniuses filling my thoughts.  I’ve not had the notion, inspiration or light to be able to take any images.  To be honest maybe I need a few weeks of being kind to myself and not trying to strive for something I’m not even quite sure I know what is to be truthfully honest.

Friday Musings-078

Friday Musings-075

Friday Musings-072

Friday Musings-071

Friday Musings-069

Friday Musings-070

All moodboard images via my pinterest boards

So on that note I thought I would immerse myself in mood boards I have created over the last couple of months to centre myself.  I find great pleasure in collating colour, interior, fashion and lifestyle images together making a cohesive story.  The above boards are most definitely my favourites at the moment the pallette reflect my mood.



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