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Styling the Seasons ~ December

My final styling the seasons post for the year, I’m rather proud that I completed a whole year of styling a surface in my home during the months of 2015.   Goodness me how the year has flown and but I couldn’t style December any other way than with a festive table setting.

I’m rather organised so far for this Christmas so my thoughts have wandered to how I’m going to dress my table on the big day.  This is surprisingly the first time I’ve ever cooked Christmas lunch.   After 12 years of marriage we have decided we want a simple and quiet time just the three of us, family gatherings will happen during the holidays but the 25th is reserved just for us and we are looking forward to it immensely.

We are slowing things down, snuggling under the duvet opening stockings by the glow of fairy lights and carols softly playing.   I think I may have to treat myself to a glass of fizz whilst present opening and then enjoy the morning preparing our feast and laying the table.  There will be no time schedule things will happen when they happen just the way we like it, laughter, good food and lots of love.

I will be making this tin display probably on Christmas eve with foraged branches and wired cranberries so we can light the candles on Christmas morning.  The rest will be simple, vintage crockery and cutlery, handmade name places and foliage from the garden no need for fuss.  The candles are the crowning glory, one can never have too many at this time of year and there will be plenty lit all around my house not just on the table.

So however you are all celebrating in the coming days I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Also a special thank you to Katy and Charlotte for having me a long for 2015 I’ve enjoyed every minute.


If you want to take part with Styling the Seasons this month remember to use the #StylingtheSeasons hashtag and tag  Katy and Charlotte.


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  • katy615

    This is so beautiful and I bet your Xmas table is going to look stunning! So lovely that it will just be the three of you – I sometimes wish we could do that (or jet off somewhere nice!). I’m going to have to try the cranberry garlands – my one exception to the ‘no red’ rule. Xx ps gold star to you for styling every month this year – AMAZING! We really appreciate you joining in and creating a pocket of beauty every year xx

    • Jane

      Thank you Katy. I’m looking forward to it being just us this year it will be odd but good! I’m a bit no to red too but I saw Sarah Raven adding them to her outdoor wreath so I gave it a go and had some leftover. I’ve loved every minute of being part of Styling the Seasons it has been a joy. Sending you lots of love, have a wonderful Christmas x

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