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Merry & Bright at The Welsh House

During my stay at The Welsh House a couple of weeks ago the light and weather conspired against me for a day but on the morning we left the sun shone through the rain clouds and created such an ethereal light, so bright and still.

Dorian thought I could work with some beautiful paper he had ordered from Esme Winter.   I thought hard about how to use these wonderful creations but didn’t want to damage them in anyway as they could be used later after I had left, so I decided to display them so you can see them in all their sumptuous glory.

As it is now only three weeks away from Christmas, presents are being bought and wrapping ideas come to the fore.  I think the hand crafted paper from Esme is a perfect statement maker for any gift.  I’m not one for festive paper I like to be different and this paper certainly is that.

As I  had the light and the white wall I thought I would take a few more festive images too, simplicity is key I think, natural elements with a touch of colour make me extremely happy, I do love the run up to Christmas and I think if I’m honest I relish this time more than the big day itself.

How are you going to wrap your gifts this year?   I hope my wrapping pinterest board will help you get inspired.



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