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The Welsh House in Two Parts

“The Welsh House has rescued and restored three traditional Welsh cottages set in the peace and tranquility of rural Carmarthenshire. Created with a passion for architecture and an obsession for detail these unique holiday homes offer the perfect destination for those in search of a getaway where the focus is on slowing down and enjoying the rustic charms of a simpler way of life.

In the thoughtful mix of finds, you’ll discover not so much a style, but more a feeling – one that is focussed on simple living and a sense of authenticity.”

I couldn’t put it better myself so I have started my post with a quote from The Welsh House.  I have just spent a joyful weekend at one of the three cottages owned by Dorian Bowen, a true gentleman and kindred spirit.

After a very long journey we arrived at Ty Unnos in the depths of the night, the weather wasn’t kind either but we were welcomed by glowing lights through the cottage window, tired and a bit weary we retired to bed in anticipation of what we would wake to in the morning.

As we rose I had to adjust to a way of life that I think we all crave but never quite find.  A time of days gone by with a little bit of modern comforts such as underfloor heating and hot water a plenty in the modern bathroom and a log burner to keep you toasty.  The rest of Ty Unnos is most definitely a rustic retreat, thick stone white washed walls, slate floors and window ledges, authentic antique furniture sympathetically installed all in the one single room that we inhabited.  The bedroom is on a mezzanine platform under the thatch of woven hazel and gorse for insulation which is open to the main living space.  Nestled under the main sleeping area is a traditional box bed that Ruby found fascinating and the small kitchen positioned next to that.  You really got a sense of how it was to live in a dwelling like this one night wonder.

We seemed to  experience four seasons in one day with the weather but we ventured out regardless.   Carmarthenshire has so much to offer to make a visit wonderful but we decided to spend a happy hour in Tenby to relive childhood memories and of course to run along the beach, I got a tad excited at seeing a Grand Designs house but that’s another story.

Once back at the cottage we hunkered down next the fire with warming drinks and home made cake.  Dorian and I had discussed making Ty Unnos festive for my post so I happily played with vintage baubles and fresh foliage whilst Robert prepared our evening meal.  We then spent the evening bathed in the warm glow of the log burner wrapped in blankets reading books and chatting the evening away, no clocks reminding you of the time, no television or laptops to make precious minutes disappear.  The simple pleasures of listening to crackling wood burning, wine being poured into glasses, pages of books being turned, sheer bliss.

On our last morning once the rain stopped we ventured outside breathed in the fresh air, enjoyed the blue skies and dew dropped scenery around the cottages, it was truly magical.  I wanted to capture these perfect moments so I have made a short film of our time at Ty Unnos, I hope you enjoy.


With thanks to Dorian for letting us experience the wonder that is The Welsh House.






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