Styling the Seasons ~ November

November styling the seasons has a twist, a flat lay twist with a super prize to be won at the end of the month too, see Katy’s blog post to find out all the details.

November to me is a month of preparation for the last month in the year where festivities take hold, all the hard work is done, I can relax and enjoy.   So my flat lays are a celebration of Advent where we make, craft, cook and display.

Ruby is a lucky girl she has two Advent calendars, a traditional one where the doors are opened each morning with glee wondering what’s behind, this years is a beautiful calender by artist Emily Sutton; the other is based on a Danish Christmas elf who we call Nicholas and he hangs on our kitchen door from the 1st December.   His smock has 24 pockets on the front that we fill with gold chocolate coins, a tradition we have done every year since she was born.

Also this month I gather bits and pieces to make my own Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags.  This year I bought a lovely stamp from The English Stamp Company who have a myriad of festive stamps to choose from.  I am paint rollering brown paper to wrap my gifts using natural rafia to finish the parcels off perfectly, I’m really embracing the natural side of the season this year.  One lovely task that I complete every year is to dry orange segments, it’s one of the easiest but fulfilling things to do in November, the whole house smells divine and when it comes to dressing the house they look like wonderful stained glass jewels.

With my second flat lays I have tried to show how I put the final image together, also to use it as a representation of slowing things down, starting by adding pieces bit by bit to fully appreciate Advent and all that it represents rather than letting it pass by and be weary of Christmas before it’s even begun.


If you want to take part with Styling the Seasons this month remember to use the #STSxMakelight hashtag for a chance to win and that  Katy, Charlotte and Emily can see your entries.


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