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A Warming Cup

Sometimes tea is the only thing that will help calm and sooth.  To take the time to make a perfect cup and to stop for a while to enjoy it is one of those simple pleasures in life that you need to let yourself have.  There is complexity behind that cup of tea that we take for granted but at Williamson Tea they explain every element with great aplomb.

Williamson Tea are a specialist tea company who are committed to growing sustainable teas that benefit their farms and communities in Kenya, and also help protect the environment and wildlife in East Africa.

Their commitment to produce something totally unique is paramount, they believe in total transparency  from bush to cup.  No blending from different sources takes place, pure tea naturally grown, pesticide free, straight from the bush which decreases the carbon footprint that would come from transporting teas from around the world.

Also, through the help of the  Williamson Tea Foundation and their work with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, everyone who invests in buying Williamson Tea can feel that they are truly making a difference to future generations so that we can enjoy the wild forests, fertile soils and, in particular, the elephants; making their teas sustainable for years to come.  With their commitment to caring for the natural environment around them Willimson Tea donate £1 from the sale of every tea caddy to help keep our beautiful elephants wandering in the wild.

The health and well being properties of a cup of tea have great beneficial effects too.  Tea has very high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols, especially the flavonoids anthocyanin and catechin.  They conribute to improving your skin condition and circulation, aid digestion and stimulate clear thinking.  These naturally occurring molecules are used by our bodies to clear up harmful radicals helping us feel a cleansing calm and improved health.

So when you reach quickly for that cup and tea bag, take the time to stop, slow down and enjoy.  Knowing that those precious moments taken to make that cup of tea will also be helping farmers, wild life, the environment and of course you and your well being too.

Every one needs a calming moment in the fast paced lives we all lead.  Taking the time for slow living isn’t easy but if we try we can achieve snippets of it.  Now go and put the kettle on…..A Warming Cup

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