Styling the Seasons ~ October

October has had a bit of an identity crisis in my house.  The week I planned to take my styling the season images coincided with Christmas and a break to somewhere where the sun shines all the time. So I decided to combine all three things into my post.

The beautiful green gourd is to represent the real season of Autumn, the suitcase for my trip abroad, foliage and decorations represent a natural Christmas for a shoot that took place in my home this week.  

It was rather strange taking down Autumn displays to replace them with an abundance of wintery foliage and seasonal makes for a photo shoot.  My living room slowly turned into a beautiful grotto.  One of my favourite decorations that I used where the stunning origami stars by Origami Est I can’t wait to get them back out in a few weeks time when Christmas really happens.  Then in a flash I was dismantling it all again and putting the mini pumpkins back.

Onto the suitcase, yes I’m on my travels again at the weekend, flying out to Dubai for a family birthday, yes I know totally craziness, a place I never ever thought I would visit but one couldn’t say no.  An experience to add to those little life adventures that we weave.

So this wonderfully busy week in an super busy October got a little mashed together and definitely kept me on my toes.   Coffee has kept me going and it tastes even better in my mountain ceramic mug from The Future Kept a little treat to myself for no reason what so ever other than I’ve hankered after one for an age.

Right off to pack my suitcase (am I the only one who really doesn’t enjoy this part?)




2 thoughts on “Styling the Seasons ~ October

    1. Just a bit Katy! It was a whistle stop break for a special family birthday such a wonderful place that surprised me totally. I can’t believe that Christmas isn’t that far away either x


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