Seasonal Picnic with Laura Ashley

I recently had the pleasure of rootling through the latest Autumn/Winter 2015 homeware collection from Laura Ashley.  I wanted to come up with a different take on styling these wonderful seasons we are blessed with.  Instead of just styling up my home I decided to go off piste and venture outside.

As a family we love being cosy and warm on chillier days, slow cooked meals, curling up in our armchairs with a good book wrapped in blankets but we also like taking the time to enjoy the seasonal changes outdoors too.   You really notice the beauty in nature the colour changes all around, the Autumn bounty festooned on branches, seed heads blowing in the breeze.

I carefully selected items that would work both in the home and outside too so a picnic was planned.   I carefully packed the large jute storage bag with home made treats,  small glass spice jars filled with olives, butter, jam and flask of warmed elderberry cordial.   Of course it wasn’t complete without a throw to keep the chill at bay, beautifully soft wool in the perfect colours for the season.

Down to the dunes we headed, one of our favourite places to just be, I loved watching my two run on the beach and explore the contours of the dunes playing hide and seek amongst the grasses whilst I prepared our picnic. Once filled with our treats Ruby and I snuggled under the throw, warming cups in our hands we took the time to stop for a while to watch the waves ebb and flow before packing up the bags to return home happy and content.


Jute bag, storage jars and throw kindly provided by Laura Ashley.




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