Yawn at Runswick

A wedding anniversary that falls on a weekend surely deserves a couple days away we thought.  So when Yawn wanted me to write about a British holiday I thought that this was the perfect time to go away for an Autumn jaunt in Agatha.  As the days are starting slowly to draw in there won’t be many more windows to go away in the caravan so we threw caution to the wind, packed the car, hitched up and set off to one of our favourite places, a little slice of wonderful Runswick Bay on the North Yorkshire coast.

We snoozed had coffee and snuggles under the blankets and lazy breakfasts in our pj’s.  I was able to try my new Yawn Night T, so soft and comfortable I didn’t want to get dressed.  Such a rather cool addition to my sleep attire from the most perfect company that have everything just right in my book.  To take the time to turn off and stop for a while,  to enjoy the quiet moments of the day amongst the busy when we can.

We walked the lanes filled with nature’s autumnal bounty,  pottered around the coastal villages taking in the sights and quaint shops filled with vintage finds, local produce and sea side essentials.  We had a pub lunch watching the sea from the window then meandered down the winding paths to wander along the shore, my happy place, I stood for a while breathing deep taking it all in.

I made a mini film of our weekend away, my first foray into moving pictures, another skill that will be honed through lots of practice but for now  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


The Night T was kindly gifted by Yawn for the purpose of this post


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