Styling the Seasons ~ September

Funnily enough I struggle a little with the month that is September, I think my styling for this month reflects that a little too.  A darker pared back edge to my curated display.

Before having Ruby September was always my favourite month, we always holidayed in late summer, we chose September as the perfect time to get married and celebrate 12 happy years this weekend.    Since Ruby started school I find my enjoyment of drawing out the sultry days of summer slightly diminished due to everyday routine.  This year especially I’m not back into any kind of stride and feel a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep up and craving care free days.  I’m not even excited about getting the slouchy jumpers out of the cupboard or wearing my new brogues, sad but true.


So in reflection I turned to metal with a  black background, a darker hued  viola and of course the ubiquitous blackberry, nature at it’s best.  These items are on my favourite list at the moment, ceramics, metals, natural elements.

I’m sure a few days away in my lovely caravan by the sea this weekend will rejuvenate my inner Autumn.  A quite time to consolidate my thoughts and plans and hopefully recharge those batteries to embrace October.





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