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Creative with Conran

I’ve had fun this week getting creative with sample pots of paint kindly sent by Paint by Conran.  What to do with two pots of beautiful chalky neutral matt paint to be a bit different I thought?   I didn’t want to just paint a patch on a wall or photograph the pots themselves so I got a little bit crafty.

I had left over oyster shells that we brought home from our Sussex holiday so I painted the ends to great effect using Hawthorne Lane and Dry Barley, the paint echos the natural colours in the shells themselves.   They would make great key rings don’t you think?

I also used some left over bits of wood cut into shingles, dipped the ends in the paint they look really good as a splash back behind my sink in the bathroom but could be used in many ways.  Of course I couldn’t help but get my paint roller out they colours worked a treat on brown paper, such a good way to update wrapping presents.  The panels I rollered looked just as good as a back drop.

Now for a little bit about Paint by Conran themselves.  The paint range has cleverly been curated into complementary colour collections that work together in such a way that it’s easy to make the right choices for your scheme.



The paints I have used here are from the Harvest and Orchard collection, I am particularly drawn to these colour palettes; they complete each other perfectly.  Capturing the freshness of a British orchard the mossy greens to deeper hues of maturing fruit to the more natural hues of our harvests from the paler corn colours to the deeper earthy umbers reflecting the seasons with great aplomb.


Above images provided by Paint by Conran

Paint by Conran believe in impeccably good design that improves the home owners’ lives.  Their paint is of a very high standard and it is their belief that the clever formulation will create a haven in your home that will inspire and be uplifting for many a year to come.






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