Embracing Colour

As the season changes so does the light you find yourself craving the warmer colours of the spectrum the darker browns, greys and hints of ochre.  Once the melancholy of the loss of summer subsides plans and aspirations start whirring around for future projects both personal and professional, collaborations, decorating the home.

You find yourself putting vignettes together with the colours mentioned above, gone are the vibrant blues and greens being replaced with earthy tones which I love.

Two Images Above ~ The Society Inc

Two Images ~ here & here

I find colour such an inspiration, I see things in different ways all guided by colour.  So this post is a little montage of the coming season and snippets of a project very close to my heart with my dearest friend The Linen Garden a friendship for life as is our collaboration Owen and Hunter  We have such passion for beautiful items for the home, perfect one off pieces to style.  Paying attention to how these items work together, the colours the textures even down to how we will wrap each piece when going to their new owner.

We spent an afternoon playing with natural paper and watered down paints creating individual tags for when our online pop up store launches late autumn.


PS  All other images in the post were taken by me

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