Welcome to Hale Mercantile Co.


I think you all know by now that I have a passion for linen so I would like to introduce you to Hale Mercantile Co. linen merchants of the highest quality based in Australia.    Even better news is that the brand are just about to launch their collection of beautifully curated home wares in Europe.



HaleMercantile_July2015_059Hale Mercantile Co. are all about high standard, colour, texture, softness and durability.  Discovering that a true luxury linen is best made from individually dyed fine linen yarns enables the integrity of the colour and the strength within the weave to create truly beautiful pieces that will last a life time.  Their premium grade flax is sourced in France and Belgium for artisan craftsmen to weave the perfect linen in a true European style.

HaleMercantileCo_Flocca _bodycushion



Their capsule collection works perfectly for every room in your home, from bathroom to bedding, table linen to soft furnishings all in subtle hues of slubby whites, soft greys to earthy pinks.  Each piece working perfectly with the next to create texture and layerings, that laid back look that appeals to me greatly.




I’m looking forward to their launch to stockists near us very soon as I too can showcase the timeless elegance of their stunning linens in my own home.



All images provided with thanks from Hale Mercantile Co.






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