Styling the Seasons ~ June


Styling for June, I had to think quite hard about this one.  I wanted to simplify so my shots this month are more individual on one surface rather than a cohesive look.


I also wanted to try out my new phone so all the images taken are from using it rather than the camera. I had fun pottering about with the mix of props, I have many a vessel from my Owen and Hunter stock cupboard, the only problem with this is I never want to part with any of them.

June is the start of summer so I wanted to use hand picked stems from my garden to represent this.  Also I used one of my many stools as a nod to Loaf and their collaboration with Styling the Seasons this month.








So in a nut shell, I love June, pretty flowers, props and stools and I rather like my new phone too.

Go take a look at the dedicated pinterest board styled surfaces for more beautifully curated inspiriation.

If you would like take part in next month’s Styling the Seasons, style up a surface each month take some photos either blog about it or share on social media using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons and tag @AptApothecary and @lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts.






  • katy615

    This is lovely, Jane! Love how different each shot is (great pics btw considering it’s all on your phone) and I can just imagine you selecting all your different props and setting up each shot. Beautiful! X

    • Jane

      Thank you Heather, I love those little vessels too. They are going to be for sale soon on my shop when we get it up and running but not sure if I’ll be able to part with them!! x

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