Hectic Mondays Made Simple



When you have had a lovely lazy weekend spent pottering in the garden, eating slowly prepared home made food and enjoying the sunshine, Monday’s sometimes come as a bit of a shock to the system.   You want to keep hold of the slowness  of the weekend that little bit longer but you soon find yourself overwhelmed by the hectic rush of work, school, exercise, after school activities and everything else in between.  With all this going on, you sometimes don’t have the time to cook tasty and nutritious meals from scratch.

Reaching for the takeaway menu mid~week always feels rather defeatist and not a treat at all but a necessity, but let me tell you about JUST EAT.    Yes, you may think of them as the pizza/burger/curry site but they are more than that.  The range of nutritious options available is rather impressive but also the choice of ethnic foods is vast; from sushi to Moroccan to Vegan and gluten free.  There’s something to suit every taste.




Luckily, JUST EAT are also making Mondays easier throughout June.  By using their app and placing an order each Monday you could be one of the lucky ones to win your meal for free.  It’s all part of JUST EAT’s #minifistpump campaign to enjoy the small pleasures in life and encourage us to brighten up the start of our week.




So when the day hasn’t quite gone as planned you can come home, go out into the garden, style your table out in the fresh air to perfection, pour a nice glass of something and dish up your freshly delivered meal that you pre ordered and enjoy as if it were the weekend.


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This post was written in conjunction with JUST EAT ( To be in with a chance of getting your meal for free on Monday throughout June, simply order online or using the app ~ They are calling them #minifistpump moments)


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