Me & Mine


This is me, a rare close up.  I’ve been thinking about how I am perceived out there in the big wide world, never quite confident enough in myself at times but then other days I do things that I’m told are brave.   I’m getting better at being more comfortable with who I am and deciding to go with what I feel rather than being led.   Hence deciding to stop dying my hair and cutting it all off.  It feels amazing and very liberating being grey.  I try to look after myself well too, eat well and swim for well being.



I am also blessed with a husband and daughter that make everything fit, we three have a bond that will never be broken.  They give me a confidence like no other, the warmth of that love is indescribable.  So as well as cutting all my hair off and embracing the grey I got another tattoo, small but powerful, the 3 lines representing the 3 of us, always there always together.

We took time out last week we spent it outside with nature, a perfect few days quiet and still another reminder that everything is ok, life is good.










So when I’m feeling those little devils on my shoulder I shall take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful things that make my world turn and of course a hand picked display of garden flowers makes everything better don’t you think?



11 thoughts on “Me & Mine

    1. I’m loving the grey Carolyn. We had a few days away in the Lake District. The brolly pic was taken at Sizergh Castle a wonderful National Trust property, I wanted to somehow fit the bench into the back of our car without anyone noticing!! x


  1. I love that you got another tatoo to represent the three of you – so simple and so pure. And definitely the photo of you and your daughter under the umbrella is one to frame and treasure – utterly beautiful. He does take a good picture your boy doesn’t he? x

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