Tea of The Black Variety


I’m quite a boring old soul when it comes to tea, I do love a good cup but I drink it fast without really appreciating the slowness of making it and enjoying it’s taste and aroma.

I thought it was about time to realise the potential of tea and the benefits it can bring to your health and well being by drinking different varieties; also to slow things down a bit put everything on hold whilst brewing a fresh, clean smooth tasting cup.


The lovely folk at Teatulia sent me a sample of their black tea to try and it hits the spot perfectly.  It has a faint apricot aroma, such a fresh taste with no bitterness, I think I’m converted.


Teatulia produce organic single garden teas in Northern Bangladesh where their tea is grown. Their organic teas reflect the pristine and delicate environment in which they are grown; untouched beautiful gardens nestled against the Himalayas to the North and the Brahmaputra and Ganges Rivers to the South.


There are five refreshing flavours to choose from: Lemongrass, Tulsi, Earl of Bengal, Green Tea and Black Tea. All Teatulia teas are grown and cultivated in such a way that respects the land on which it’s grown and the community of workers who produce it.  


As the summer months approach I thought I’d give their iced tea recipe a try, something cool and refreshing to enjoy whilst sitting in the garden.

How to make iced tea:

Brew your tea the way you like it

Let it cool to prevent dilution, giving you time to reach for your glass and fill with ice

Garnish with a slice of lemon and mint



Teatulia tea is available to buy from Holland & Barrett, Harrods and selected independent health and whole food stores nationwide.



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