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I do like my kitchen, we replaced the old units that came with the house with a hand built one, it was what we could afford at the time.  The room is quite long and thin so we are able to have a large farmhouse table situated at one end.  As a family we practically live in this space through the day, we work from it, do homework, craft projects, eat all our meals together as a family from it and much more.  Our kitchen works very hard as a room but after 10 years I wouldn’t mind giving it a bit of a facelift.


So my next decorating project that is being plotted will probably be the kitchen.  I am inspired by deVOL especially the Shaker Style and of course English Classic designs that they deliver with great aplomb.  I want to achieve a clearer more streamlined look.   To repaint my units and walls in a cohesive muted colour from the white spectrum would be the ideal along with the cupboard handles, I shall carry on gathering and collating ideas and images before I start the project.


I keep coming back to deVOL time and again for inspiration, the elegance and simplicity of each design is sheer perfection.  To have one of their kitchens installed is a dream that may never come true but I can try to replicate their timeless style and use elements of their well thought out styling.



Images 1, 2 and 3 here


 Image 4 here





 Images 5, 6, 7 & 8 here






Images 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 here

Have a super weekend everyone, I think I will be looking at paint charts!   I will also be doing a spot of stock shopping for Owen and Hunter at the Decorative Home & Salvage Show, Ripley Castle.




    We had a carpenter build a Devol ‘style’ kitchen for us last year and it saved us a fortune. I know what you mean about their kitchen, I also studied their designs for ages. Your kitchen looks lovely and the fact that it is hand built makes it more wonderful. As you say a good choice of paint will no doubt bring it bang up to date, pity that was all mine needed, it would have been an even cheaper modernisation. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

    • Jane

      It’s great having inspiration to use in inventive ways within your own budget and tastes. I bet your kitchen is stunning. It will be next year before I even get the paint brushes out on my kitchen. I’ve just redecorated rooms upstairs, painted floor boards and replaced curtain. So I shall start saving those pennies again and keep collating the ideas! Jane x

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