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Changes in May


A bit of a random post today. Sometimes my brain runs away with me and I crave change, the ability to remove everything and start afresh. Like the first white untouched page of a notebook, or an empty room freshly decorated in calming tones before the furniture goes back in.





I’m having one of those moments. Following a crazy filled April I want to embrace change in May; put aside silly sentiments and remove many an item from my home that I no longer want, need, or don’t quite know how it came to be in the house in the first place.


I’m trying to bring the same ethos into my own well being so my head is clearer too. I go swimming 3 times  a week which is a great tonic for body and mind, trying to cut back on the coffee drinking and embracing lemon and hot water which is a a slow process at the moment but I’m trying.



The house is slowly starting to reflect the person I am today not the one I was 10 years ago.  Carpet has been stripped out of rooms and floor boards painted, our bedroom has just had a de clutter and paint refresh, what a difference it has made from deep red to pale grey.  I highly recommend Lamp Room Grey by Farrow and Ball, it has made our little haven a restful calm space.   I can’t remove everything and start again – that would only happen if we moved – but I can make changes little by little, replace and discard where needed.



All images via instagram and my Pale and Interesting Pinterest Board

The blog is having a bit of a makeover too, simplified and clearer I hope you like it.



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