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I do like a good getaway to recharge those batteries, to feel a sense of calm and well being, it also helps if you choose the right place to stay.  This wonderful property in Mousehole, Cornwall is just one of those places.  The Cuttlefish is brimming with luxury and comfort.
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 I asked Camilla the owner of this superb property to tell me the ethos behind The Cuttlefish Mousehole and what she and her partner wanted to achieve with the interior design.
We are both from a television background, My soon to be husband, Chris and I bought what is now The Cuttlefish Mousehole back in 2012. It was always a dream to own a property in Mousehole, Cornwall and we bought the property on somewhat of a whim, sitting on the harbour wall after the car journey down from London one day, we were looking through Chris’s binoculars and playing the childish game of ‘If you could have any house in the village, which would you choose?’ and I chose The Cuttlefish, it was only after that we saw it was for sale.
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 The Cuttlefish Mousehole is a truly unique property in this Cornish seaside village. Unlike the small fishing cottages nestled in the hustle and bustle, The Cuttlefish stands just a minutes walk on the hillside boasting panoramic sea views out to St Clements Isle (the small uninhabited island just out from the harbour) all the far beyond to St Michael’s Mount, and to top this off, it has it’s own private triple teared exotic garden, somewhat of a rarity in Mousehole.
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It was an extensive renovation project, there wasn’t an inch that went untouched, from repointing the exterior, addressing structural issues, changing the layout of the property and of course modernising the interiors.
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 The design of the interiors was based upon a desire to be mindful of our coastal location without falling into all the regular seaside cliches of white wash wood and littered with nautical references, along with being sympathetic to the period of the Victorian Villa. The house is characterised by it’s dark oak wooden floors throughout alongside fresh crisp white walls. The property is full of light, so there was no fear that the dark floors would make it feel sombre. The interiors are a mix of old meets new, with unique antique finds such as the sitting room chairs which I reupholstered in William Morris fabrics, alongside modern luxuries.
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 The property was renovated not just as a home, but primarily as a luxury self catering holiday rental which is available for rent through The Cuttlefish Mousehole all year round. With this in mind, we approach the property with the ethos that holidays should be nicer than what you have at home, so what we believe makes the property special are all the little touches, which is something our guests comment on regularly. The lighting is a huge feature throughout, Chris is a television Director of Photography so lighting is his passion, and each space offers a different and unique addition. We tried to build the style into the permanent fixtures in the property which made it a more practical space for rentals as it needs less furnishing with items such as art and decorative pieces.
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We wanted the house to feel cohesive in its look, whilst allowing each separate space to take on an identity of its own.
My favourite elements are:
Vintage Brass Beds – they were a great find!
The red brick path leading through the garden, as I laid this using the bricks removed from a structural pillar inside the property
The Dark Floors – They veered away from what everyone was doing in Cornwall at the time, and were considered a bold move, and we stuck to our guns and now we are constantly complimented on how striking they are.
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It simply is the perfect place to getaway, if you would like to stay please visit the website for more details or email directly to the links below.
Contact Details for rentals:
+44 7736770149

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