Maker Spaces


This week I was fortunate enough to attend Emily Quinton’s Maker Spaces book launch and pop up shop in the fabulous contemporary home ware store West Elm on Tottenham Court Road.

This book is rather close to my heart as one of the maker spaces in the book under the chapter ‘homespun’ is my partner in crime Vicky Trainor of whom I am exceedingly proud.

Emily quinton

This inspirational book is full of talented folk that use their creativity on a daily basis; and how their chosen profession reflects in the spaces that they live.

Donna Wilson

Sarah Hamilton

Emily quinton

An excerpt taken from Ryland Peters & Small explains the ethos of Emily’s first book to perfection.

Creative interiors from the homes and studios of inspiring makers and designers.


Motivated by her own love of making things and enthusiasm for creating spaces that make her happy, Emily Quinton discovers the important link between makers and the home and work spaces they inhabit. She believes that creative work is affected by the space around us – the colours, the light, the design and the objects. Guiding you through a range of case studies, illustrated with stunning photography by Helen Cathcart, this book explores the clever style decisions made by the makers and the inspiring ideas that have gone into such beautiful and personal spaces. Also included is a section on making a living out of your creations, with tips from each of the makers about turning a hobby or passion into a successful business. Gorgeous interiors and advice for inspiring makers; this book will make you want to craft and create every day!

Emily kindly let me have some preview images from the book to share with you and you can purchase a copy from these links below.

As this post is going out I shall still be in London enjoying myself to the full so all the tales of my few days away in our capital city will be documented in an other post in a few weeks.

All images provided via ~ Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton, photography by Helen Cathcart, published by Ryland Peters & Small rrp £19.99




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